Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lordy Lordy looks who is turning 40!!!

Yeap you guessed it....Big 40 for ole me tomm.
Have to say I feel my age, got some grays on my hard head that makes me look distinquised according to my wife.

Being 40 I think does not run the stigma that it once did like when my Mom and Dad hit the big day. My kids of course think I am ancient, can't imagine a world I grew up without Ipods, Cell Phones so small you can put them in your Pocket (they still can't get that we had cell phones only in Cars when my Dad first got one back in 1981).

But all in all things are good here in the Great State of Sunshine. Was in Miami on Biz earlier this week and have to say that South Florida is another Country. Tried ordering Coffee in a Cafe at a Office Building and got Cafe Locha....not bad but not Maxwell House.....Found out you get what they think you need in Spanish. Oh well....I survived.

Hope all on the Florida Native Blog world are doing fine.

Yours in the Bond

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Back Again!!!

Sorry for the long delay in Posting a Blog, but the Queen and I went to Mississippi to visit family over the Memorial Day Holiday Week.

My wife hails from Natchez MS so we went there first to visit Momma. Natchez is a fine town, full of history and magnificent homes. We made our way to the World Famous Fat Momma's Tamales down by the river.
It's a Great Place to eat, with their Famous "Knock U Naked" Margaritas. Ask the lady helping us who owns it how Tamales got so famous in MS, I have had them throughout the state especially in the Delta while I was @ Ole Miss, and she said historians believe the Native Americans invented them and that's how they got in the culture, I assumed it was from the Spanish who explored MS and the South back in De Soto's days. Learn something new everyday.
Fat Mama's will be moving soon, thanks the Dept. of Interior's move to bring the Natchez Parkway right downtown to the River. They will be up the street by the Old Depot that has been converted to shops. The old log cabin they have been in for years will be gone and so will it a great place to sip 'Rita's and eat Great Hot Tamales.

If you ever go to Natchez, take it in.
Yours in the Bond.