Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ole Miss and our Legacy

I wanted to give a little shout out to My Alma Mater, Ole Miss.

Once Again we made the top 5 Party Schools in the Country. #2 to be exact.

As football season rolls around, I am reminded of my Days in the Mid 80's going to games
with Formally Gentile Southern Delta Queens who by the 3rd quarter turned into the "fun girls" if you have ever seen that Episode of Andy Griffith.

Was a blast I admit. Had some much fun I stayed around a extra year just to enjoy it.

University of Mississippi's Best 366 College Rankings

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Their Students (Almost) Never Study
Students Pray on a Regular Basis
Best College Newspaper
Lots of Beer
Lots of Hard Liquor
Major Frat and Sorority Scene
Party Schools
Students Most Nostalgic for Ronald Reagan

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Beignets, Tamalas, and Cake!!!!

Sorry for the long spite of no blogs but work has been keeping me hopping and busy.Took a little (pun) trip with the Queen this past weekend to her hometown of Natchez MS.

If you ever want to know how far it is from Orlando to Natchez, its a Good 12 hour Drive. I said its a Good (pun) 12 hour drive. Anyway, its was my Ma-in-Law's 80th Birthday and we went up for a Surprise Bday party. You can guess what I am about to tell you. It was no Surprise as I know of no Southern Belle from the State of Magnolia to hold a secret very long. So we made it in Thursday nite, dogs and all in Tow, to a much anticipated arrival.

Natchez is a great old southern city, having been there randomly from days at Ole Miss back in the '80's, I have enjoyed it now as I am older since I married a lady from there. Had some time on Friday while the Queen was helping her sis in law with accounting for her Flower Shop.

I went out downtown for a little site seeing. Took a few shots of the Mighty Mississippi and a very interesting house on the river, Bontura. It's a very neat house. In fact a Former Free Slave from TX came up the Miss. River and settled into it and ran a Carriage Biz from it to ferry people from the River Boats up the Hill to Natchez. What makes this so interesting is that he owned Slaves. During the War. Between the States. Wow.

View from the Street.

You see I can't get away from things Florida. That is the Writer of our State Song..Mr. Foster.

Looking South from Up the Hill...That River Boat is a Casino. Does Not Move!

And you thought we had Construction in FL. This is a Country Suites Goin in Downtown Natchez. My opinion it's a horrible place for it. Takes away from the charm of this great Southern City.

Tamales and 'rita's at Fat Mama's with Niece and Sis is Law

WWJBD!!!!!(what would Jimmy Buffett Do?)

Party Day Sunday with Momma and the Kids...Check out my Bro in Law's...Anything familiar?

Almost forgot, we had Beignets (Cafe Du Monde anyone Nawlins?) at this great French Open Market downtown Natchez one AM. They are pretty darn good.

Really Almost Forgot, This is the Cake...It was neat how they took a pic of Mom and put it on the cake as Icing. It's edible.

Well that was my trip. Sorry it's not as exciting as Pure Florida on the Cannonball Run. Talk to you soon.

Yours in the Bond

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Red Beans and Rice!!!!

Although I can't compete with Pure Florida on Recipes, I have to give a big shout out to
my Queen for making me a dish I grew up with.
I happen to be a 1/4 cajun from my Mom's side of the clan. I have many relatives along the
Gulf Coast from Biloxi all the way over to Lafayette so when I was a kid my Mom would always fix RB&rice on Tuesdays. She told me the ladies would always make it on this day due to it being wash day and it is a dish that basically cooks itself, what with the bean's sitting all day and the sausage's simmering in the pot. Rice added on the bottom with a bit of Bay Leaves, Onion's and Hot Sauce and you have got yourself a dish. Et Toi?

And here my little lady has made me a great dish. Although we had several recipes from family both in Natchez and Biloxi, we improvised and did the crock pot thang. Quick trip to Publix this morning and we are eating good watching the Saints play the Steelers up in Canton.

A little Proud Cook if I do say so myself, ain't she cute?

If y'all want the recipe for the Crock Pot, let me know and I'll shoot it over to you.

Yours in the Bond
"les bon temps roule"