Thursday, April 24, 2008

Interesting things you can do with a new $20 Bill

Got this email the other day and tried works......
how someone came up with doing this is interesting.
The crazy thing is what you can do with the last fold...

Yours in the Bond.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baby Boy

It is with great relief and pride that my Wife and I welcome home our "baby boy" soon. Our Marine has been serving our country in Iraq the past year. Sitting high atop a Humvee with an arsenal of weapons, he was the point man in moving convoys in his super secret locations. We don't have any idea what he has gone through, we are sure we will have stories when he gets back and can be with us. We are just so happy that he will be back home safe very soon.

Jason is my Wife's Nephew from her Sister that passed away from Cancer some years ago. Although I didn't know his Momma, she was a special lady. Jan has taken over the Momma role now with this one. I have known Jason for going on 3 yrs now. Always a Southern Gentleman, calls me "uncle scott", loves his aunt and her new crew. My youngest Daughter has the biggest crush on him, she lights up whenever he is around and flirts with him the way that little girls do.
We understand that an old girlfriend from high school has moved back to his area and they have been hot and heavy over email and phone calls while he was away. His goal is to buy a home and settle down. He deserves it. He is our Pride and Joy.

Just when you think the younger generation has let us down from our Previous Post, we only need to think of the Brave Ones who are putting it on the line everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep us safe and sound as we rumble on about how "tough" we got it. Believe me we got it easy compared to what this fella has done the last year.

So join me in welcoming back our newest Vet from the Great Fight to liberate Iraq.

Semper Fidelis (always faithful)

Yours in the Bond

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shocking....I hear you!

When I started this blog last year my goal was to talk about things going on in our Great State of Sunshine, some good some bad, but mostly to initiate dialogue. I have gotten away from that and I do apologize. This story I am posting was found on the Drudge Report today. It is something that shocks even the sitting Sheriff of Polk County as well as myself.
When I read the above headline I thought it was some crazy initiation into some wacky Cheerleading Club, not an organized ambush on a girl over in Lakeland. The video and pics of the attack are very disturbing. It shows that for pure fun and the ability to harness a video camera, our young skulls full of mush don't have any problem doing horrible things to one another for the sheer joy of posting it on You Tube and My Space.
What the hell is happening? These girls where born in and around 1990-91, grew up with Cable TV 24-7, Playstation War Games and Presidents telling them at an early age that Oral Sex is not really sex.
1st my heart goes out to the girl beaten and her family, no one should have to bear this in a public spotlight, not just in Polk County but the World. Drudge Yields Millions of Visitors every day and this just highlights some of the craziness we can inflict upon each other. I have to say that Florida always seems to have a zany post on Drudge. Way to go Sunshine State.
Secondly, My heart goes out to the Parents of the Girls doing the beating, then it rages at what has been instilled in these girls and 2 boys, one 18 who were the "lookouts". When did you lose the moral compass on your kids to allow this to manifest into this behavior. Personally, its symptomatic of the problem many parents are falling into, letting society raise your kids. The Idiot Box will teach your kids that crime does pay, lying is now the norm not the exception, Violence should be inflicted upon the weak any chance you get and that Sex before Holy Matrimony is best.
Also, deeper I feel the slow unraveling of doing what is decent. For sometime I have felt an edge to people out in the world. No I am not paranoid, but think about it, how many people do you know that are extremely good to the core anymore, hopeless optimist who are glass is half full kind of folk? I can't place when it started, what exactly caused it but believe me its there.
What to do What to Do? First these youngsters will be prosecuted and be out for good behavior, and will be running around town saying Momma didn't love me so I beat the hell out of this girl to get attention, our society will coddle them tell them it's okay and "feel their pain". This is where it has got to stop, punishment should fit the crime, these youngsters knew what they were doing and they ought to know its wrong....that's the damn problem. I tell you they didn't.
So we slap them on the wrist, put them on the local news and Oprah and make stars out of them.
In this election year where one party and media will be telling everyone that we are going to hell in a hand basket until Nov, and elect us and it will stop, we better get a grip on what our State and Country has come too..A place where no one is responsible anymore for their actions, unless your are with Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco or even now Big Water. Our courts are stretched to the limits, Cops are seeing behavior that even Shocks them in all their years of seeing the worst of human behavior and we the people have not had that proverbial wake up call yet, until something happens to us.
Belize is looking pretty damn Good Right Now.
Its not the end of the world folks, but I am telling you we can see it from here.
Yours in the Bond