Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay ain't such a sweet name anymore....

Don't know bout all my other Fellow Natives, but Ms. Fay (I say Ms. cause I don't think anybody will marry her) is kicking my butt.

Here in Central Brevard we are getting lots of rain, so much so I did a quick video on my Cam to show everyone....stay safe.

Yours in the Bond

Monday, August 18, 2008

Let's see....................

Where to begin...I am not gonna come back on here and apologize as I have done the past year for not posting...from the looks of sitemeter...plenty of folks from all over the planet have been reading my ramblings for the past few months.

I mentioned in a earlier blog this year that my Dad was having some surgery...he did. It was Prostrate Cancer and mighty bad...turns out we think we got it all. Praise Jesus.

Funny thing is the Dr. who did it is a kid i grew up with, his dad was the local Drug Dealer (pharmacist) so he turned out ok..Now I am cursed with listening to my Dad say how his Sex Life is not too much affected....somethings are better left unsaid you know what I mean?

Death and Destruction have followed me around this summer. My Great Aunt who practically raised me in the summers when I would Summer in Biloxi passed away after some complications, that sucked. Then we found out my Mom-in-Law has Liver Cancer and is terminal. My wife and I are shuttling back and forth to Natchez..not good.

The market sucks so no one is throwing money my way....ah wait...there is a bit of good news. My Kids are excellent..My health and My wife's are pretty good. My dog's love me. My Mom and Dad and Brother and Sis in Law and Boys are okay, and looks like Brett is gonna work out at the Jets.

So as I promised I will not say sorry for not posting or reading my fellow bloggers here in our Lovely State...just know you all have been with me and you are all some of the finest people I have ever read...

Yours in the Bond.