Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Camp Boo Nee

Every year for the past few years my parents host an exclusive camp for some special kids.
So special that you have to have a certain last name just to get in. There are 5 enrolled youths
ranging from ages 7-12 yrs. The name is often mistaken for a Indian name, meaning "old people doing great things for grandkids", but actually its my Mom and Dad's nicknames given to them by the grandkids.

This year we have the Camp coming up. Mom organizes events for the tikes, from swimming in the fabled 4 mile creek outside of the little town they live in to doing Beach Days and Bowling Days. The kids, my 3 and my brother's 2, look so foward to it that they start packing early...I mean real early 2 weeks to be exact.
One of the most prized possessions is the fabled "Camp Boo Nee" T Shirt that everyone gets. For the past few years it has been ones from Iron On letters to a nice stich one last year. This year we went high tech and developed our own company store... www.cafepress.com/campboonee

On it you will find everything a camper will need for the magic week up in God's Country. Help yourself to some merchandise, it's one of a kind and the newest hit...Camp Boo Nee Surf Club with Surf 4 mile Creek on the back is a Big hit. Picked up a couple for me and Mississippi Queen as a matter of fact.

Will be sharing pics and stories in a later post.

Yours in the Bond