Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cousin Cornelius

I had a Cousin, no not someone I knew or even heard about as a Youngster who served for the Cause in the War of Northern Aggression as I was taught to call it growing up. Below is his Headstone that has been redone in recent years at a Cemetery in Jackson Cty Fl that quite a few of my relatives are buried in. The SCV had a ceremony for Cousin Cornelius in the Fall last year and I hate I missed it. My Mom/Dad and Nephews went and took some pictures that I hope to get and add soon.

Talked to my Dad about our Ancestor and he said he didn't know really anything about him, my Grandfather who was born in 1896 and knew him till Cornelius' Death in 1922, never talked of his service. Hard to imagine a young 15 yr old in Northwest Florida serving from a Home Guard to defend his homeland. No matter what your politics on the war, the bravery in which both sides fought is something that makes us strong as a people.

My thanks to Mr. Dale Cox, a World Renowned Author and Fellow Florida Blogger for his input on Cousin Cornelius. Mr. Cox is in fact kin to me because of this, seems his side of the family are Owens too and that is who Cousin married. Mr. Cox has a Great book the Battle of Marianna that I was pleased to receive as a Christmas Present this year Hand Signed by him from my Parents. I encourage y'all to visit his sites.

Cornelius Stephens was born 5 Nov 1847 in Jackson County, Florida, and died 11 Jun 1922. He enlisted in Captain George Robinson's Home Guard 15 Jun 1864, at Owens Pond. He stated in his pension application that he was given the detail to follow the Yankee's after the Marianna Raid and then he was stationed to guard Marianna, Orange Hill, and Iola, Florida. he also served as a wagon train guard. He was discharged in April 1865 at Marianna, Florida. He married Mary Owens on 10 Feb 1880, in Jackson County, Florida. [ Letter of support. FLORIDA CONFEDERATE PENSION #A02400]

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