Saturday, February 2, 2008

The not that one silly!

People often ask me about the pic of me and the "Crew" on the front of my blogsite. Many assume it's taken down here in Central Florida on the Beaches of Brevard County. Not that I have anything against the Beaches here, heck I grew up surfing on them back in my high school days after my parents moved down here from "Gods Country" .

Nope that Beach shot is from Beautiful Gulf County up on the Bend of the Gulf. Cape San Blas has always been a special place for me and my Family. 30 yrs ago you could go out there, down the long winding road out of Pt. St. Joe and be all alone for miles. Walk the beach, run with your dog before there were HOA, County Laws and Pesky People who didn't think Poochie needed to be on the beach. It's been ranked in the Past as one of the most beautiful beaches in the World. It has the highest dunes in Florida, 40 ft. high, Incredible Sunsets, Lovely Native Floridians aka..Dixie Loving People, and some great places to rent when you want too.

Like to plug a house that my family has always stayed at since I was knee high to a grasshopper, its owned by a family friend who is like family, Snyder House. You can see for yourself why it's amazing to be out there all alone and take it easy.
We have had some incredible "Blender Wars" on that deck. Some of the folks that were frequent partiers have gone to that great happy hour in the sky, but their memory lives on with the Lifestyle only a Beach Bum can appreciate.

When I was younger, we lived next door to a lady whose Husband owned the M&B railroad, know officially as the Marianna/Blountstown RR, it was called "Many Bumps" in its day. This gentleman helped lure a certain land developer down to Florida called DuPont and now that company he started is called the St. Joe Corporation, the largest land owner in our great state. This neighbor had once owned most of the Cape, with his brother-in-law who was a Young Judge in St. Joe for around $4/acre.

Your can imagine what that would be worth today. Take a look around the Cape on the 'net and if you get the hunkering, go visit. But be warned "No Shirt No Shoes No Problem"...oh and Cell Coverage sucks out there....ain't life grand?

Yours in the Bond