Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cape San Blas Florida....Forever Florida

Just a quick pic of the Crew I have assembled. And to point out one of the most beautiful places in Florida, Cape San Blas. Having been named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world several years ago it has gotten alot bigger with homes, but it still has that lost charm that I remember as a child.
I have always wondered what it must have been like to be on a beach in Florida before there was a Florida as we know it today. The quite, the waves lapping and seagulls signing. No Boom Boxes or Cars, No Microwaved Tour-asses, and no Ron Jon Surf Shop T-shirts.
I am here to tell you that this place still exist, for a brief time I am afraid, up in Gulf County. My family has been going there for over 30 yrs and I am glad my 3 children got to see their Real State.
Yours in the Bond.