Friday, May 11, 2007

Explorer.....Million $$ Question

Last nite on my fav game show '' R u Smarter than a 5th Grader" Steve, Yale Grad, got up to the Million Dollar question with the Redneck Messiah Jeff Foxworthy. Now this guy had $500K in the bank if he walked away and a couple of other people have already done that in the season, but to give him credit he felt like I would have felt that if he lost the question, he would still walk away with $25,000.00 ($12K after taxes in Kalifornia per Arnold). So the question was 5th grade astronomy which he had gotten right a couple of answers before with NASA. So he was pumped. The question was what was the 1st satellite put into space by the US?

Now for someone growing up in my high school years in Cocoa Beach, you think I would have nailed this one....I knew Sputnik was the Soviet Satellite, but for the life of me I had no clue what ours was. He was thinking Mercury....Glenn, Shepard, Gordo and the Satellite but a Spacecraft....Answer was Explorer. He got it wrong and went back down to $25K....

I don't fault the guy at all...Who among us would not take $25K on the quick pick for Sat's Lotto by getting 5 out of 6 #'s. I could tell Foxworthy was disappointed cause he really wants someone to win the big money to help the show grow, but that question I don't even remember from my 5th grade class back in Blountstown in the 70's.

Do You?

Yours in the Bond