Friday, May 18, 2007

People for the Ethical Treatment of Love Bugs!

Well it happened, I got served notice from the Above Named Special Interest Group for crimes against Love Bugs.

From the collection of these critters on my front bumper and windshield, I have crossed the line in extermination.

Now I don't care what these "Insects" do in the privacy of their own home, but these Group Orgies on the Highways and Bi ways of our Fair Central Florida is out of control. I think these critters were hatched up by the Hippie Generation of the '60's with free love and all.

I hear 911 calls are up from the bombardment of casualties and Make Sift Morgues are being set up at every interchange around our fair city. I treat them fair, wash them off my truck and get on with my day. But being served notice that I am "Murderer" is unfounded.

I hear John Walsh is coming into the area this year to do a Americas Most Wanted on the main killers of these critters.

Floridians of our fair state unite and fight the invasion and lobbying going on to put these "insects" on the endangered species list. Stand your ground and fight for the cause.

Yours in the Bond