Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Where is the Great State Gone?

Sorry for the downer of a posting but I have to get something off my chest. Not a new topic but one that has now hit close to home. Crime in Central Florida.

Yesterday after running some biz errands downtown St. Cloud I came back to the Home Office around noon and witnessed a Late Model Green Altima parked facing me on my Cul De Sac. A young Hispanic or Light Skinned Black Male was in the driver side sitting way back like the kids do now adays talking a cell phone. Look funny but I also know the home in which he was in front of has a High School age girl who looked around his age so I assumed he was waiting on her.

As I pulled up in my garage on the phone with Tony G I witnessed another car come down the street, Green Supped Up Rice Burner, and then all cars sped away. Nothing Unusual since all the kids this age drive like a bat out of hell ( god that sounded old) . Went inside and came out bout 2 hrs later to see a Deputy Sheriff down the street talking with neighbors. Neighbor came over to me and ask me if I seen anything, come to find out the house had been robbed and the Array of Human Debris even stole the Owner's Fine Black Mustang which was covered up in his garage.

I felt sick, I could have stopped this but turns out they hauled azz when I showed up. In Broad Daylight these sh--t's did this. The husband is out of town on biz, wife and kids were distraught and to add to it, they couldn't find their Dog, a cute Jack Russell Terrier. I went around the neighborhood several times and down the road but no dog. I came back to tell them I didn't see anything and there barking at me in the house was the Dog, Jackie. Turns out the Crooks had put the dog in a Closet and he was in there for like 5 hrs. till they found him.

Now after that, My wife is afraid and as a Southern Male its in my DNA to protect her and my kids, so out comes the 12 gauge Pump Action locked and Loaded. Florida now has the "Stand your Ground" law which gives citizens the option to blow the hell out of someone in your home or on your property if you feel your life is in danger. Not that I am promoting that, but when the Orange Cty Sheriff goes on TV last year and says's his dept. is overwhelmed with crime that is being brought into the city from other parts of the country and some Third World Trash, its scary. It's like the damn Wild Wild West here. I remember growing up in Cocoa Beach in the 80's and never hearing about Tourist getting robbed or raped, 2 happened this week. Never heard of Home Invasions, hell that's nightly here. Never heard of ATM killings, weekly I am afraid to say.

Orlando is the new Miami looks like, which we all knew would happen, but now it's here on us. Used to be a bumper sticker Natives would have on their cars that said "last American leaving Miami, please bring the flag"

So to my fellow Floridians who are not close to Orange/Osceola/Seminole Counties, stay away for your own safety. Yeah the Parks are nice, Good Golf, but like I said about NYC when I visited there a few yrs ago, nice to visit but I wouldn't want....u know the rest.

Yours in the Bond